The photos below are of those classmates who were able to attend our 2012 Class Reunion or who have provided us with a current photo. It is amazing how much we have changed - and yet we can see features that identify the "then and now" pictures with our classmates. Enjoy!
Last updated June 24, 2013.

I have put the names in place to enable those with a Smart Phone to see them.

Leila Abernathy 1962 Leila Abernathy
Leila Abernathy
Mark Abernathy Mark Abernathy
Mark Abernathy
Donna Ahola 1962 Donna Ahola 2012
Donna Ahola
Larry Allison 1962 Larry Allison 2012
Larry Allison
Doug Ault 1962 Doug Ault 2012
Doug Ault
Art Baxter 1962 Art Baxter 2012
Art Baxter
Ray Bickford 1962 Ray Bickford 2012
Ray Bickford
Diana Bridge 1962 Diana Bridge 2012
Diana Bridge
Barbara Bush 1961 Barbara Bush 2012
Barbara Bush
Carolyn Carner 1962 Carolyn Carner 2012
Carolyn Carner
Bob Carter 1962 Bob Carter 2012
Bob Carter
Frank Crawford
Duane Dewey
Sharon Dollar
Vern Dollar
Lena Domke
Terry Ebert
Pat Ek
Bob Fifer
Pat Fleming
Marilyn Forsgren
Sharon Francis
Bob Fry
Mary Fund
Dan George
Bob Goldsby
Betty Hamilton
Joe Heasley
Faith Heidegger
Robert Henkel
Victor Heuvel
Janice Hill
Bonnie Hoffman
Jeannine Jacobson
Byron Jacobus
Mary Ann Jagelski
Delores Jensen
Edna Johnson
Sherry Johnson
Warren "Binky" Johnson
Sharon Kielman
Sharon Kohlschmidt
Leona "Rusty" Krogh
Marie Kysar
Dennis Kytola
Barbara Lahmann
Robert Laughlin
Nancy Lawrence
Charles Layne
Ken Lindberg
Nancy Maze
Jim McClellan
George McCray
Stan McKay
Marlice McNeil
Anita Mingus
Diane Morgan
Kenneth Meyers
Marvin Norton
Rachel Patterson
Mona Pitzer
Susan Presthus
Donna Putnam
Nancy Rieck
Lee Robb
Lark Rotschy
Bill Russell
Glenn Schmitke
Vincent Scott
Lois Shoemaker
Barbara Smithline
Robert Smoole, 1962 Robert Smoole, 2012
Robert Smoole
Ruthann Spainhour, 1962 Ruthann Spainhour, 2012
Ruthann Spainhour
Gail "Louis" Sponseller
Jackie Stacel
Ron Steigman
Edalene Sudan
Jake Swalling
Dan Thulin
David Vance
Dave Waldal
Ken Wanke
Paul Warren
Dave Weding Dave Wedin
Dave Wedin
Larry Williams
Ray Wygal
Rex Wygal
Bill Zeiler

What A Great Turnout!