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Battle Ground Class of 1962

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Changes to our Classmate Directory

Because of software changes to the new Microsoft operating software, the program I used to create and update the 1962 + 50 Directory no longer works. I am no longer able to make updates or changes.

Upcoming Brunch Gatherings

Battle Ground class of 1962 has a "Brunch" or "Lunch" meeting monthly. You can stay updated through email (make sure I have you on the list, see my contact information at the bottom left column) and you can visit this WEB site where I will try to keep the next event published. Our gatherings are currently planned for: the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 10:30 am. Here are some Photos of our June, 2014 Luncheon.

    Hockinson Café
    219 NW 20th Avenue
    Battle Ground, WA 98604
    (360) 687-2700

In honor of classmates who recently passed

While a more complete list of those who have passed is available in our latest Classmate Direcotry, I am maintaining a page of those whose passing is more recent for you to read and reflect the feedback of family and friends about their life. I wish it were more complete but I do not have any of the older obituaries. If you have any I would be happy to add it on the Class of 1962 obituaries page. I place the most recent one at the top of the page.

Your 70th Birthday Party!!!

The Birthday celebration went great! We had a great turn out and wonderful fellowship time together. Here are some photos from the event. My thanks to all of you who were able to come and participate.


At left you will see several links to a variety of classmate photos. These include:

  • Group photos of our elementary and junior high home room class,
  • Ruthann Harn sent me some "BG Girl" photos,
  • 1962 photos from the Bengal,
  • 2012 Reunion event photos,
  • and some
  • "Then and Now" photos of those who attended the class Reunion (and got their photo taken) or who have submitted a current photo.
  • If we do not have a current photo of you and are willing to share in this "before and after" photo experience, just send a copy to me either as an email attachment or by mail (I can scan it for this web site).

    My thanks to Bob Smoole for recently providing a current photo for this group. As you look at the pictures if you don't remember who they are, position your cursor over the photo and the name pops up!

    About the Classmate Directory

    I make changes to our classmate reunion directory as new information or corrections come in. The directory includes:

  • An "Alphabetical Index" of Classmates by name
  • An index of "Deceased" classmates.
  • An index of "Military Service" - classmates who served in the Armed Forces.
  • An index of "My Ongoing Story" - classmates who shared their journey since high school.
  • An index of "My Story" - the obituary record of deceased classmates.
  • An index of "MIAs" - those classmates for whom we have no contact information at all.
  • An index of "Where They Are" - a list of the country, state and city where they currently live.
  • As I receive information I post a new Classmate Directory (with new indices). The classmate photos were taken from the 1962 Bengal. If I do not have your picture I would like for you to provide me with a photo of you as close to 1962 as possible. THANK YOU!

    The key to completing our classmate directory is getting many of you involved finding classmates and providing me with updated contact information. That includes information on the passing of any of our classmates (and obituary information if you have it).
    Thanks for your help!

    Military Service

    “All gave some, Some gave all.”

    One of the tragedies of our generation, in my opinion, is the way the returning military veterans from the Vietnam war were treated. I'm glad that has changed in the last decade but I never want to forget the sacrificial service of those men and women who served and who serve in our military, whether they were in conflict or not.

    I have created an index in our classmate directory with the heading "Military Service" followed by a listing of the names of those who served our country in the armed forces including their branch of service. I would like your personal information and if you have this information on fellow classmates please let me know, including those who are deceased.

    Thank you for your service!